Armstrong Siddeley Cheetah

The Armstrong Siddeley Cheetah was a radial piston engine designed and built in Britain from the 1930s. It was simple, reliable and durable and used in training aircraft such as the Avro Anson. It remained in production between 1935 and 1948 and over 37,000 were made.

Armstrong Siddeley was a manufacturer of aero engines and luxury cars formed from an amalgamation of earlier companies in Coventry in 1919.

The Cheetah engin was an improved version of earlier Armstrong Siddeley aero engines, combining the basic design of the Lynx engine and larger bore cylinders of the Panther engine.

When the first Cheetah engine was run in 1935 it generated 201kW (270hp) which was improved in final versions to 313kW (420hp).

Because of its simplicity and reliability the Cheetah was an ideal engine for training aircraft and made a major contribution to Britain’s was effort in this way.